It's a "Win-Win"!


Scientist predict that there is a 1 in 4 chance that we will have a major earthquake within the next 50 years.


The fault is a boundary between two tectonic plates: the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate and the North American plate (that we live on). The Juan de Fuca plate moves toward and eventually is shoved beneath the North American plate. But it’s become stuck for three centuries now, building up stress. When the rocks slip past each other along the fault, it will cause a megathrust earthquake.


Are You Prepared sells emergency preparedness kits to prepare you, your family, your colleagues, clients and employees.


There are two aspects to Are You Prepared. The first is the corporate aspect of purchasing kits for employees, clients, colleagues with a gift that is for the person who has “almost everything” assisting them to be prepared!


The second is for fundraising where $25.00 per kit purchased goes to the charity, organization or group of your choice. (see Charitable Organizations)


The kits are competitively priced, include tax and delivery in the Vancouver area. The food /water have a 5-year shelf life from date of manufacture.


For pennies a day you can have an assurance that you will have 72 hours of necessities at your side in case of a natural disaster.


Getting prepared is the best gift you can give.