It's a "Win-Win"!


My name is Pam Vidalin, and I have sold over 600 Earthquake/Emergency kits over the past 6 years. I got involved from a philanthropic aspect … I wanted to raise money for charities and organizations, but felt a WIN-WIN aspect was missing from other organizations raising money.


In most situations you give money and you receive a tax receipt back. With ARE-YOU-PREPARED, first you WIN by purchasing a kit and getting PREPARED, the other WIN comes from $25 per kit going to the charity or organization you choose … and yes, still a tax receipt.


The kits are very competitively priced, and have a 5 year shelf life (water/food). All taxes are included, and delivery is free within Vancouver*. It is the perfect fundraising opportunity where everyone WINS.


Get you and your family PREPARED…it's the best thing you can do for them.


If you are looking to raise money for a charity/organization, please contact me!


Free delivery within 20km of the Vancouver (V7L) area. $15 shipping per kit outside the Vancouver area. Call for shipping discounts when you order 5 or more kits.